Monday, September 01, 2014

Training - "Strength is a choice..."

9/1 - press, seated Arnold press, plate front raise, side/rear lateral combo, Gironda swings, btn press/push press - leg raise, twisting decline situps

T Nation | Maybe All You Need Is Lifting: "For me, doing general warm-ups and stretching drills are total drudgery – to the point where if I have to do them I'll start hating my workouts. And if I hate my workouts, I'm less likely to do them. Not good. Now, we all sometimes need to do things we don't particularly like – I get it. But often, perfect is the enemy of good. Meaning, an overly-zealous determination to make everything "perfect" might lead to you becoming overwhelmed, which in turn negatively affects your ability to be consistent...

At 6'1" and 200 pounds, I'm pulling over 500, squatting about 400, benching in the 270 range, doing sets of 18 strict chins, and my body fat is low. I have no orthopedic issues, I don't hurt anywhere, and I almost never pull a muscle or incur other injuries. So when I look at other 55 year old guys, I think I'm probably in the top 1-2% based on these criteria...  I'm currently in my best shape ever, despite the fact that I'm in my mid-fifties. Interestingly, when I look back about six years ago to a period where my training was much more varied – I was doing Olympic lifts, conditioning work, some foam rolling, etc. – it's clear that I was weaker, fatter, and more injury-prone then as compared to now. In the interests of complete transparency, my nutrition is a lot better now than it was then. But all in all, I'm convinced that my current approach is paying off more than previous approaches.

...think about this: many of the resistance-training drills most of us do, including squats, hip thrusts, and deadlifts, are an effective way to improve muscle length in and of themselves. So, just because you "don't stretch" doesn't necessarily mean that your mobility is going to hell. So, do all those movement screens really matter? Should you be concerned if you don't pass them? The last time I checked a few years back, I scored a 7 out of a possible 21 points on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Yet I haven't had any injury issues in many years, despite lifting consistently, training hard, and competing in powerlifting... 

Warming Up: Actually, I do warm-up, but I prefer specific warm-ups over general. Rather than riding a bike for 10 minutes before taking my first warm-up sets on squats, I'd rather spend those 10 minutes on the warm-up sets themselves. In this way, not only do I achieve the same benefits as a general warm-up, I also get more practice time for the lift itself. In the past I've occasionally experimented with general warm-ups, but I always keep coming back to my present practice. Which would better improve your squat? Ten extra minutes on bike, or 10 extra minutes under the bar?"

2014 NPC Muscle Beach Championships - Promoting Women In Bodybuilding Fitness and MMA: "Stefanie Reitzel Bikini- Class B 4th place and Novice Class B 4th place "

A ten-pack?  Ridiculous.  Awesome. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Because we smart."

21 Things All Blunt People Know To Be True: "8. Your lack of a filter accidentally hurts people’s feelings on some occasions.
Just ‘cause you’re blunt doesn’t mean that you’re cruel. 

9. Your friends offer a disclaimer or apologize in advance before introducing you to other people.  
 He’s kind of a dick."

This is outstanding.

"Star-Lord, man..."

Friday, August 29, 2014

Training - "Say yes to your workouts no matter what."

8/29 - pullups, pushups, bw rows

Awesome work. 
Eat Clean Train Dirty: "I’m not proud of many things. but yeah this is one!"

 HOW TO GET MOTIVATED when you don't feel like WORKING OUT - "Say yes to your workouts no matter what."

"They don’t care about you, at all." - George Carlin

Republican, Democrat, right, left, conservative, liberal... all the same.  And you aren't part of the team.  Twelve triple three: Secret history of Reagan's exec order that spawned mass surveillance - Boing Boing: "Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12333 in 1981, reversing the Carter and Ford reforms of government surveillance (sparked by the Church Commission, convened in the wake of Nixon's wiretapping scandal); GWB expanded it twice more, once during each term. This order is the legal cover and excuse deployed internally by spy agencies when they break the law and violate the Constitution. In Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar tracks down many internal memors, and statements from a wide variety of ex-spies, including the famous NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Thomas Drake, to paint a vivid picture of how 12333 is the all-purpose excuse for any kind of funny business."

Kabuki theater.  Same, same.  Identical nonsense.  Guess Which Party Says Rand Paul 'Blames America' (Seriously, Guess) - Hit & Run : "Pop quiz: Which political party's press secretary put out a press release today that criticizes Sen. Rand Paul because he "blames America...on foreign soil" and subscribes to a radical isolationist policy that would "make American less safe and secure"?

...And the answer is...the Democrats. The above statement comes from DNC National Press Secretary Michael Czin. You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise; this is the exact criticism that Republicans have hurled at both Democrats and members of the Paul family for years. But with Rand Paul as the likely Republican presidential contender and interventionist Hillary Clinton as his likely opponent, the absurdities of party politics demand a switching of the unhinged attacks."

Carlin knew. 

"...people of modest means, continue to elect these rich cocksuckers who don’t give a fuck about them.  They don’t give a fuck about you…  They don’t care about you, at all, at all, AT ALL.  And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Thats what the owners count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick thats being jammed up their assholes everyday, because the owners of this country know the truth. It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Former LAPD Deputy Chief Explains the Militarization of American Policing - Hit & Run : "LAPD Deputy Chief Stephen Downing (Ret.) writes:  It is sad that it took a police killing and the excessive deployment of a military presence by local law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri to focus national attention upon a problem that has been metastasizing within American law enforcement since the early 1970s. The militarization of local law enforcement was seeded by the Nixon administration's declaration of the war on drugs in the early 1970s, and took root in the 1980s as result of President Reagan's escalation that poured millions into the drug war, shifting the focus of local law enforcement away from violent and property crimes to mostly small-time drug offenders."

Ricky Gervais spiral.

Grooting.  'Grooting' has entered the lexicon | Robot 6 @ Comic Book ResourcesRobot 6 @ Comic Book Resources: "The 40-second scene from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy depicting a Baby Groot dancing to Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” is so adorable that it’s taken root in our hearts, leading to countless works of fan art, and the creation of little potted replicas, both official and … not. But it also has introduced the world to a new word: grooting. What’s grooting, you ask? Mutant 101 defines it as (ahem) a verb meaning, “to move tree-rhythmically to the Jackson 5,” as in “his arms grooted like branches in the wind”; or to “move in a quick and lively way.” Yes, tree-rhythmically. Urban Dictionary offers up “The act of spreading ones legs and bending the knees while slowly waving the arms to resemble baby Groot.”

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Training - "The mind always fails first..."

8/28 - squats, calf press, leg xt

2014 NPC Powerhouse FX New York Classic - Promoting Women In Bodybuilding Fitness and MMA: "John Multon Bodybuilding- Light Heavyweight 2nd place and Masters 45+ 1st place" 
2014 NPC Powerhouse FX New York Classic - Promoting Women In Bodybuilding Fitness and MMA: "Tim Dougherty Physique- Open 4th place and Masters 35+ 1st place"


Ridiculous/brutal/awesome leg workout.  BB Prep Vlog 7: Leg workout & Tire flips

The struggle is real.